Engage for Change, Newcastle

We worked with community groups in the East End of Newcastle, training members to deliver mini-sessions on nonviolence with local young people.

"Engage for Change in Newcastle has valued working with AVP because it has taken time and gained the trust of the people in the community. In a very difficult and sensitive area of our lives they have very successfully engaged with a substantial number of us to look for and work for change in our relationships.

Individuals and groups have benefitted from the workshops which have helped them to:

  • reflect on their relationships
  • value their life experiences
  • listen to their hopes and dreams
  • offer them a process and a means to discover new ways (alternatives) to respond in conflict situations.
  • believe they are gifted and have the ability within and together to change and improve their lives for the good.
  • give them the enthusiasm, desire and skills to share with others and young people what they have learnt.

The work and take-up has been outstanding so far!"

Engage for Change group