Cheering the first AVP workshop by Korean facilitators

The first AVP workshop was held at Helmon Retreat Center in Daejeon City, located 2 hours from Seoul. The reason why we, as facilitators, felt some feeling tension mixed with expectation was that this was initiated by Korean facilitators for the first time. These facilitators' adjective names are Calm Bell Sound, Way, Just So, and Tree.

The workshops flowed well, and of course, some mistakes left facilitators more unforgettable insights and learning. 10 participants took part, and other 3 facilitators, Waterwave, Empty Field and White Pebble came to encourage the workshop later and make friends with the participants. The mood of workshop was amazingly filled with inspiration and joy by the interaction, feedback of exercises and energizing games.

All facilitators experienced the very reality of the four main principles of AVP workshop: trust the process, trust the group, trust other facilitators and ask for help. The most important principle for us as facilitators to be aware of is to allow mistakes: actually the more mistakes, the more learning.

The whole process was often loose and compact, with lots of serene smiles and abrupt laughs. The flow of feeling intensified a sense of team spirit. I think that this was caused by the use of Korean mother language without obstruction of translation. There were some additional benefits such as delicious foods and a beautiful forest of full flowers of season in the garden, and being near the mountain.

For the coming schedule, we are planning an AVP mini-workshop for prison workers on May 29th, and another basic workshop for the 12th-14th August. Personally I'd like to say that there is no such joy as learning more than to be part of an AVP volunteer facilitation team. I wish this report can satisfy your curiosity about AVP activity in Korea.

Peace be with you

Calm Bell Sound (Jong Hee Lee)